When I came across a brick wall, my dreams crashed down to rubble.

With my shoulders hung like a broken cloth hanger, I turned to walk away.

But I remembered my super shero cape. I put it on, and I was ready to slay!

Give up ! Give up! The crowd yelled behind me.

You can’t! You can’t! The voices inside me yelled.

But I picked up a hammer because His quiet voice inside me whispered

You can! You can! Just start small.

I began chipping at the brick wall. The crowd laughed and jeered at me, but I continued to hammer at the brick wall.

Suddenly the wall came crashing down. I could see the rubble, right beside my feet.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it!

I stood on top of the rubble, and I yelled it is me!
My name is Onosen, and I’m a Shero